The Fast Running World

Our earth is the only planet that can support life but sadly, it is the only planet human are not safe. Our ancestors lived in the forest with the wild animals. They did not find the need to have money or build huge buildings. But to safe guard ourselves from the wild animals and to ensure the continuity of species and increase the probability of an offspring living and growing up. Therefore they started living in caves. By living in caves, they worked to start save for very cold days and brought in woods to keep themselves warm. Now, there was very less loss of human kids’ life. At first of there was one animal which is a carnivorous to 5 human children.

When the death rate was decreased the human kids outgrew the number of animals. The population grew up and the balance was going very unstable. Thus they had to do something to differentiate the large group of people. Thus people started save for various causes like power in their society, a good reputation and several other several other personal and social reasons. When you save something you will think about the investment whether it was a good investment. There are other things like how much will it be resold to someone else. This process of evaluating the investments or objected and coming to a good depreciation schedule.

Technological growth

From the days we were just trying to figure out what is earth to now where we have surplus growth. Our ancestors had to walk several kilometres, there was no need to preservation foods. But now in this new words, technology had done a lot of good. In olden days, people did not have extensive experience or knowledge about technology. But now people are learning to make use of technology. It is the technological growth that is actually responsible for mankind’s growth.

Moreover the development of medical industry, had actually helped so many people from dying young. There was a time in which human were dying because of fever, diabetes and headaches but now those are like quite common. Apart from that, brain tumour extraction surgery which was supposed to be hard are now being treated without much hard effort. There are several other surgeries on vital organs which could have never done successfully without this kind of technological support.

Several artefacts and ground mineral reside in the underground which are of great value are taken out by the help of these technological innovation. Moreover technological innovation has its own disadvantages like war, superficial relationships, and population intensity. In our quest something more precious and new, we are forgetting the reason or cause of our life.

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